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Who pays for extraordinary medical expenses?

Some California custodial who receive child support may also have medical expenses for their children that are not covered by their insurance. These uninsured medical expenses are the responsibility of both parents, including the ones who are ordered to pay child support.

Disability's impact on a custody dispute

Many California couples might find themselves fighting for custody of their children after a divorce. For some, this process, which is complex and emotional, might become even more complicated if one of the parents has a disability, because the other party might use it as a way to gain custody.

Some factors make a divorce more likely

California couples end their marriages for many reasons, but there are some factors that increase their likelihood of divorcing at some point in the future. Just because people have some of these characteristics does not mean that they will get divorced, however.

Have you considered a prenuptial agreement?

The perception of prenuptial agreements is that these are insidious documents that few married couples -- or, more accurately, soon to be married couples -- should even consider. Prenups have a stubborn stigma attached to them. Namely, that they hurt your marriage before it even begins. However, this simply isn't true upon even the most simple of analyses.

Studies find positives in online relationships

While many people may associate online dating with casual relationships, there is some evidence that these types of services often lead to more stable relationships for couples in California and throughout the country. This was one of the findings of a study conducted by professors at the University of Vienna and the University of Essex. More than one-third of contemporary marriages are the result of online meetings.

Dangerous and toxic relationships justify divorce

Most California couples recognize that relationships have their ups and downs and not every issue leads to divorce. Marriages that inflict abuse and deep unhappiness, however, might be irreparable. The safety of children especially demands action as does a spouse's ongoing destructive behavior, like drinking.

The argument for shared parenting

Parents in California who are getting a divorce may be concerned about child custody and the welfare of their children. One professor of adolescent and educational psychology asserts that excluding situations in which children have to be protected from an abusive parent, shared parenting should be the standard for children, even for those who are very young.

Locating assets in divorce

Most couples in California who consider divorce seek to be above-board in their dealings with each other. This means that they are willing to disclose all assets and debts as part of the process of negotiating a fair settlement. Unfortunately, some spouses are unwilling to be forthcoming with this information, which can complicate a divorce.

Alimony a big part of divorce, but so is tracking alimony

One of the topics that may cause a lot of divisiveness and uncertainty in a divorce is alimony, also known as spousal support. Alimony will not be granted in every divorce, but when it is granted, the spouses involved need to take heed of their recordkeeping practices. The information contained within each payment is vital, and you will want to keep track of it just in case there are any pieces of litigation in the future.

States with gun surrender laws have lower rates of homicide

California is one of the 14 states with laws that require people who are the subject of domestic violence restraining orders to turn in their guns. A study has shown that the rates of intimate-partner homicides are lower in those states than in the states that do not have such laws. About half of the victims of intimate-partner homicide, who are overwhelmingly female, are killed with firearms.

Spouses and asset protection

California couples usually understand the importance of financial transparency. They will let each other know about major purchases, disclose balances in bank accounts and on credit cards and will have agreements about how their funds should be managed. In some cases, however, spouses are not always so honest.

How a divorce for older couples can be costly

Older California couples who are getting a divorce may have more difficulty recovering financially than younger people would. The problem is that they have less time to rebuild their finances before their retirement. Furthermore, they might have fewer employment opportunities. They might also make financial errors that could compound the situation.

Child support a common cause of wage garnishments

California parents who have fallen behind on child support face the possibility of having their wages garnished. According to a study released by ADP Research Institute, one out of every 14 workers is currently having their wages garnished for various reasons, child support among them. This may cause stress for employees as well as cause compliance issues for employers. The study looked at 2016 payroll information for 12 million American workers.

Placing a value on unusual assets during a divorce

Getting divorced is often a messy process. First, there's filing for divorce and serving your spouse with necessary paperwork. Then, you have to make temporary child support, custody and visitation arrangements. You also need to determine how to divide your assets, which can be a complicated process. In fact, the more assets you've accumulated during your marriage, the harder dividing them up may prove to be.

How California enforces child support orders

It's a familiar nightmare story related to divorce. One parent seemingly just walks away from his or her responsibility to the kids. Although the ccourts may issue a temporary order for child support during the divorce proceedings, as well as a permanent injunction after finalizing the divorce, that doesn't mean it will get paid. Sometimes, the non-custodial parent just refuses to pay child support, despite the moral and legal obligation to do so.

These 2 tips help settle your case effectively

Your family has been lucky in life, and as a result, you're fortunate to have many assets. One thing that you've found you worry about is the potential for those assets to be taken from you during your divorce. There is a possibility that some of your assets may need to be divided, but with some preparation, you can be ready for what divorce brings.

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