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When couples choose to divorce, emotions can quickly escalate. Estranged spouses may fear losing a significant amount of assets and even quality time with their children. Other divorces are settled without a fight to minimize the emotional and financial cost associated with separating ways. Whether a contested or uncontested divorce is the right option for you, secure help from an experienced attorney.

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At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie, we have an extensive background handling contested and uncontested divorces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We are skilled negotiators offering a compassionate approach tempered with judgment to help protect your interests in a divorce.

For more information regarding our practice and how we can help you, contact the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie today. Our firm’s uncontested and contested divorce lawyers offer free initial consultations to understand how we can tailor our approach based on your unique circumstances.

Advocating For Clients In Contested Divorces

If you and your estranged spouse are in conflict over the terms of your divorce, our contested divorce attorneys in Pleasanton will help you maintain a firm position in the divorce proceedings. We will advocate to secure the best interests of you and your children relating to a variety of areas, including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Alimony support

We are a skilled family law firm prepared to handle high-asset divorces involving the valuation of business assets. The divorce attorneys have the resources to consult forensic accountants to help you maintain an equitable share of your marital property.

Offering Cost-Effective Solutions In Uncontested Divorces

When couples reach an agreement to get divorced without a fight, low-budget legal services online maybe appealing. Unfortunately, a minor error from do-it-yourself legal services could escalate into a financial burden down the road.

The attorneys at our firm are available to help couples save money through making sure critical details are covered the first time around. We work with couples to craft thorough divorce agreements. Our legal team offers a detailed approach to ensure critical details are covered in regard to your children, any property you own, and spousal support. We can help you move forward and reach amicable resolutions.

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