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Ensuring “Guideline” Child Support Is Fair

California child support payments are calculated according to state-established guidelines. This formula considers each parent’s income, earning potential and pre-existing financial obligations, as well as “time share” — how much time the child spends with each parent.

At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie, we often begin by working with you establish a custody arrangement that makes sense, and then guide you through the process of obtaining a child support order.

Making Sure The Numbers Are Accurate

Our lawyers have been representing families in Alameda County with these tough issues since 1990. We have offices in Pleasanton and Danville and can meet with you at whatever is the most convenient location. Whether you are dependent on child support to stay financially afloat, or worry child support payments will be more than you cannot afford, we are at your service.

The guidelines are only as good as the numbers that are entered in the fields. It’s important to include all income sources, investigate health insurance options and who will provide this coverage, and get the “time share” allowances correct. If you can reach agreement on child support, you may not have to appear in front of a judge. And a higher or lower that guideline amount might be possible based on potential exceptions.

It’s crucial to get support determinations correct the first time, because support modifications down the road are only possible in limited circumstances.

Enforcement And Post-Divorce Modifications

The state of California not only determines child support amounts: It also collects and distributes child support payments. Based on this role, the state has resources at its disposal to ensure payments are made, including garnishing wages or suspending driver’s licenses. For this reason, it is a good idea to contact a qualified attorney before you fall behind in your payments.

Our law firm can also help modify an existing child support order when circumstances change due to illness, lack of employment or something similar. Likewise, if the partner paying support is now making more money, a modification to increase payments may be possible. We’ll help you understand your options and seek tailored solutions to your particular problems.

First Step To Fair Child Support — Get Experienced Legal Advice

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