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Dividing Property After A Divorce

In California, community property law regulates the division of property between divorcing spouses. Under California law, a property division order cannot be modified without a showing of fraud, mistake, distress, or other significant factors. For this reason, if you are considering divorce, you need a lawyer who guards your rights from the very beginning.

At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie, our attorneys carefully review every category of real and personal property with each client to be sure that all property is classified properly. Located in Pleasanton, California, we serve clients throughout the surrounding area.

Answering Your Questions About Community Property

  • Did you have property that you brought to the marriage, but now you aren’t sure it remains separate property? You need an attorney knowledgeable about tracing issues in California community property law.
  • Do you think your spouse may be hiding assets? If so, you need a lawyer who knows where to look and what to look for. Contact us to discuss your suspicions.
  • Are you a self-employed business owner? You need a law firm that knows how to work with forensic accountants to get an accurate valuation of the business. Talk to us about the business evaluation process.
  • Have you already received the family home in an uncontested divorce, but can’t get your former spouse to sign the quit claim deed? You may need an attorney to enforce your order. Ask us about bringing a motion for contempt.

Our goal as your family law attorneys is to ensure that what is rightfully yours remains yours in a final dissolution of marriage judgment.

Your California Community Property Law Attorneys

Get tailored advice and skilled representation in your divorce by contacting our Pleasanton law firm. We offer free initial consultations, and we can help you understand the way that property will be divided in your case.