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Protecting The Rights Of Fathers

Paternity carries with it certain legal rights and obligations. For mothers seeking child support from fathers who deny paternity, a positive determination of the father of their child provides the necessary legal foundation for demanding child support. Alternatively, fathers who have been shut out of their child’s life or refused any say in the adoption of their child can assert legal rights involving visitation and custody once their paternity is established.

Protecting Your Rights

At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie in Pleasanton, California, our family law attorneys represent both mothers and fathers in paternity actions. Our office prepares all necessary documentation and paperwork, requesting a court-mandated paternity test to determine the father of a child. Once paternity is determined, our lawyers can also represent you in demanding child support or visitation and custody rights.

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Paternity, Child Support And Benefits To Children

Once paternity is established, certain legal obligations are placed on the father in regard to support and maintenance. Additionally, children are eligible to receive different kinds of benefits and legal consideration such as the following:

  • Medical coverage under a father’s health care plan
  • Right to access father’s medical records for health care purposes
  • Eligibility to inherit assets after father’s death
  • Legal rights during probate on father’s estate
  • Legal right to receive father’s Social Security disability or death benefits
  • Right to be claimed as a dependent for tax and student financial aid purposes

The Rights Of Fathers — Establishing A Relationship With Your Child

Paternity is important and necessary for establishing visitation rights with your children. While the court will take into consideration a number of factors, if you are the father of a child you cannot be denied visitation rights by the child’s mother. Additionally, if the mother of your child has put your son or daughter up for adoption without your knowledge, you may be able to successfully challenge the adoption once your paternity is established.

Taking The Paternity Test

The court will order a paternity test that involves either the drawing of blood or the taking of a cotton swab sample swipe from inside the mouth of a putative father for DNA analysis. Once paternity is established, other motions may be brought before the court in regard to child custody, visitation or custody.

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