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Spousal Support In California

If you are just beginning a divorce, it may look as if the spousal support issues are not going to cause a big fight with your spouse. However, that may be because in California, spousal support is easily determined on a temporary basis. The larger conflicts arise later when the final judgment of divorce is at hand.

At the Law Offices of John A. Guthrie in Pleasanton, California, our divorce lawyers are well-versed in all the factors that must be considered in making decisions about whether and how much spousal support should be awarded.

Understanding California Spousal Support And Alimony Law

If you think you may have to pay support to your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you need an attorney who can explain how alimony law works. Factors that the court must take into account include:

  • Duration: What is the length of your marriage?
  • Income: Do you have a much larger income relative to your spouse’s income?
  • Previous education and available employment opportunities: Will your spouse need more education to make up the difference? How long will that take?
  • Child custody: Do you still have minor children? Are they in your custody or the other parent’s? Will you also be paying child support?
  • Division of assets: How does community property division figure in? (4320 factors)

Our experienced divorce lawyers can guide you through the process of developing a spousal support agreement that is fair to both parties and is appropriate for your real life.

Modification Of Existing Agreements

If you are already paying alimony, but your financial circumstances have changed, you need a family law attorney who can help you get a modification of the divorce decree.

If you are an ex-spouse who is supposed to be receiving support, but payments are sporadic, late or nonexistent, you need an attorney who can bring an enforcement action. We can help you find your former spouse, find the assets and make collections, so you get the support you need. We also work with clients to pursue post-judgment modifications when an existing order is no longer workable due to changes in circumstances.

We’re Here To Solve Your Spousal Support Problems

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