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Some divorces may be financially beneficial

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Divorce

California couples who decide to end their marriages often find the process to be very difficult and painful. Divorces may also leave people with fewer assets and smaller incomes. However, there are still some potential benefits that people might enjoy.

In many cases, custodial parents will have smaller incomes after they get divorced. While this may have an impact on their lifestyles, it may also allow their children to secure financial aid for college that they otherwise might not have received. After a divorce, people will also be able to start over and to have freedom in making their financial decisions. This can help them to rethink their priorities and plan their futures better.

It is common for couples who have different spending and savings styles to argue about money. People who divorce spendthrifts may find that they suddenly are able to save money for their retirements when they couldn’t before. Divorce also allows people to withdraw money from IRAs when the accounts are divided without having to pay the 10 percent penalty.

Going through a divorce is not a pleasant experience for most people, but they might want to have the assistance of family law attorneys who can help their clients to view their divorces from different perspectives so that they might avoid making mistakes. In many cases, attorneys might help their clients to reach agreements with their spouses so that they can get divorced without having to go through a long and bitter litigation process. In other cases, mediation might help the estranged couple come to an accord on the unresolved divorce legal issues.