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Some factors make a divorce more likely

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Divorce

California couples end their marriages for many reasons, but there are some factors that increase their likelihood of divorcing at some point in the future. Just because people have some of these characteristics does not mean that they will get divorced, however.

People who get married when they are young are much likelier to get divorced than people who choose to wait to marry until they are older, although this tends to ebb the older that they are. Those who have babies soon after their marriages also have higher risks of divorce. Sober people who are married to heavy drinkers have higher chances of getting divorced than those who are married to other sober people or than heavy drinkers who are married to other heavy drinkers.

Some characteristics that are linked to higher divorce risks are beyond people’s control. For instance, having first children who are female is linked to higher risks of getting divorced. People whose parents divorced when they were children are also likelier to get divorced. Interestingly, this correlation exists between adopted children and their biological parents, showing that there may be some genetic factors involved in addition to environmental ones.

No matter the reasons behind a divorce, the end of a marriage can be a difficult time for those who are involved. People in this situation might want to talk to financial planners and experienced family law attorneys before they file their petitions. Having help from both types of professionals may help people to plan carefully so that they can protect their finances during and after their divorces. When people talk to professionals before filing for divorces, they may discover that they want to try to work on their marriages instead of ending them. In other cases, they may decide that the divorces are in their best interests and move forward with them. Maintaining a logical perspective and planning carefully can help to prevent problems during the process.