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Three signs you could use help from a CDFA during a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is sometimes the best option when married couples in California no longer want to stay together. If you’ve never been through a divorce, you might not know how complex this process can be. Divorcing couples in certain situations can get through this difficult time by hiring a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA).

Dividing assets fairly

Most married couples amass significant assets while together. You and your former spouse might separately or jointly own properties, vehicles, investments and retirement accounts that require dividing. A CDFA can also be a major help if you’re a business owner. Starting and maintaining a business can involve significant time and money. If you want every possible advantage to help protect your business, a CDFA could provide help. A CDFA can also help ensure a fair division of your company if there’s no better option available.

Receiving assistance with budgeting

Having a budget helps you pay bills, take care of your children, save for the future and maybe have money to reward yourself with. Going from a multi-income to a single-income household after ending your marriage can be difficult, especially if you earned less than your spouse while married. Fortunately, CDFAs help clients manage their cash flow and budgeting.

Getting help with future taxes

Divorce can also complicate taxes in the future. If you already find taxes difficult, a CDFA can help file them, find the most deductions and provide other forms of tax-related assistance. Combining a CDFA’s knowledge of taxes and investments can lead to a clear understanding of your tax liabilities.

Not every divorcing couple benefits from hiring a CDFA. If a court finalized your divorce, or you and your spouse agree about all divisions, a CDFA’s help might not be necessary.