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How is a child affected by their father being out of the picture?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Blog, Child Custody And Support

Many things can determine how a California child grows up. Parents are a big factor in their child’s upbringing and the type of adult they ultimately become. However, when a father is not involved in the child’s life, it can have several adverse effects.

Decreased communication ability

Children whose fathers don’t have parenting time and are estranged from their lives can have poorer communication abilities. Both verbal and non-verbal communication can be affected. This is because when the father is involved, they get double the amount of communication from both parents and from watching them communicate.

Decreased cognitive ability

When dad isn’t around, the child’s cognitive ability may be decreased. This means the child may have trouble with social situations, planning and impulse control. Decreased cognitive ability results in trouble in school and potentially, problems with peers.

Behavioral issues

When a child’s father isn’t involved, it can lead to the development of behavioral problems. Children can develop a fear of abandonment and have trouble trusting other people and developing close relationships. They might have difficulty managing their emotions and exhibit anger issues and anxiety.

Poorer health

Kids whose fathers aren’t in the picture are more likely to suffer from poorer health. This includes their physical and mental health. A study reported that 22% of children raised by single parents are more likely to experience poor health compared with 12% of those who have both parents involved in their lives.

Less relationship with extended family

When the father isn’t around, a child is less likely to have or maintain a relationship with that side. This means the child loses out on various family traditions and may not even know their roots from their father’s side. They might not even know some relatives such as cousins.