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How collaborative divorces can be beneficial

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

Couples who end their marriages in California with a litigated divorce usually experience stress and hostility. Collaborative divorces involve negotiation and cooperation.

Collaborative divorce definition

Both soon-to-be ex-spouses work together from start to finish with a collaborative divorce. They sign agreements saying that they will avoid court and use negotiation to determine the outcome of their divorce. And since the legal counsel on both sides also signs the agreement, they will withdraw their representation if one individual decides to take the divorce to trial during the process. In addition to lawyers, other neutral professionals are often involved, like mental health coaches and financial advisors.

Collaborative divorce benefits

Collaborative divorces are usually less expensive than divorces settled in court. Both sides negotiate every issue, saving them money and frustration. They often save time as well. Less time gets spent holding up the divorce process since the divorcing couple works together to process disagreements. Couples can complete some collaborative divorces after just a few prescheduled meetings.

Since cooperation is the goal, the situation is not likely to become as hostile as it would during a litigated divorce. The overall welfare of each individual is usually considered as they talk through each topic related to the divorce. Each individual will likely be happier with the terms at the end of the divorce since they work together to choose them.

When collaboration is inappropriate

Certain situations may make a collaborative divorce impractical or not recommended. For example, if there is child endangerment or abuse, the abusive nature of the individual may make it difficult to negotiate. When the couple can annul their marriage, it may be best to prove the marriage was never valid.

Divorce doesn’t always have to be associated with stress and hostility. Many couples are quickly dissolving their marriages with collaborative divorces.