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Determining your credit card needs after getting divorced in California

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Divorce

Some married couples in California won’t stay that way forever. In these cases, getting a divorce is an option that can benefit two people when they can’t stay together. However, lots of changes come with a divorce. One of these changes can involve your credit cards.

Get a clear picture of your current credit standing.

It’s hard to know how many credit cards you have or how much money you owe overall without a credit report. Fortunately, major credit agencies allow people to obtain their free reports once per year. When both parties in a divorce have this information, it’s easier for them to divide credit-related expenses fairly. However, it’s not always possible for two formerly married adults to get on the same page about who owes what in a divorce. If that’s the case, it could be time for a neutral third party to step in.

Shutting down old lines of credit isn’t always best.

An important factor in your overall credit history involves how long you’ve had open lines of credit. It generally looks better for someone to have long lines of credit instead of ones only recently opened. Instead of shutting down a card, consider contacting your credit provider to have your former spouse removed from these accounts.

Find credit cards that serve your needs.

Now’s also a great time to adjust your future financial needs. During this time, it’s worthwhile to look at current credit card rewards. Credit card companies offer varying bonuses to new customers. Finding the right perks could save you a lot of money on travel, dining or even simple trips to the local supermarket.

While it might not seem ideal timing, digging into your credit score is smart during a divorce. This investigation could even increase your credit score.