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Deciding to end your marriage

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Divorce

Every year, thousands of people in California make the decision to end their marriages and seek divorce. In most cases, a divorce comes after an intense, long-lasting struggle over whether to end the marriage or not. No one wants to make a decision like that without feeling like it’s the best option available.

If you’re considering a divorce, it helps to have a mental checklist to go through, and a way to decide if it might be time to dissolve your marriage.

How an unhappy marriage can affect you

A marriage is generally the most important relationship in a person’s life. In fact, it’s so fundamental to most people that it frequently affects every other aspect in life.

An unhappy marriage can cause you to lose sleep at night, and rob you of the energy and willpower to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Your health can suffer, as well as your performance on the job.

The emotional toll of dealing with an unhappy marriage can also spill over into other relationships in your life. Your interactions with children, parents and other relatives, your friends and even your coworkers can all be affected negatively.

If you find yourself having any of the above problems, consider the possibility that these other life issues are fallout from your unhappiness with your marriage.

Fundamental reasons for divorce

Physical abuse should always be a deal-breaker in any relationship, and that includes marriage. Emotional abuse can take many forms, and persistent mental or emotional abuse is a sign of a toxic marriage.

Often, a marriage needs to end when one or both partners no longer feel any affection for each other. In some case, the partner feels only indifference, while other times they actively feel contempt or anger. Few marriages can survive that.

Finally, a persistent pattern of substance abuse, uncontrolled gambling and/or infidelity can be signs that a marriage should come to an end.

Ending a marriage isn’t a step to take lightly. But if you’ve weighed the pros and cons and realize your life needs a restart, a divorce might be your best option.