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How domestic violence harms children

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Those who have engaged in domestic violence may have their parental rights limited or terminated by California authorities. This is because doing so can have a negative impact on their children. Witnessing an act of violence against another parent or family member may have an even more profound impact on a young person.

Parents are supposed to be protectors

A child generally views an adult as someone who will prevent bad things from happening. However, after seeing a parent hurt another family member, that person may simply be a source of fear. Even if a perpetrator wouldn’t hurt a child, a young person has no way of knowing that. Ultimately, the relationship between a parent and a son or daughter may be strained or ruined forever, which can lead to a variety of problems. These problems may include acting out at school, using drugs or alcohol or engaging in other risky behaviors.

Children emulate what they see

A child who sees an adult commit an act of domestic violence might think that this is how people resolve their issues. This may result in that child harming a classmate, sibling or random person at the grocery store. Children may also be more likely to use foul language or engage in lewd acts. Even if they don’t necessarily understand what they are saying or doing, children may be given consequences that might haunt them now and in the future.

If your partner has harmed you or another family member, it may be possible to amend the terms of an existing custody or visitation order. This is because spending time with an abusive person is unlikely to be in a child’s best interest.