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Steps to take when your spouse wants a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

Families across California are concluding they cannot move forward with their marriages. It’s difficult when one spouse wants a divorce, and the other wants to keep trying. Children, finances and housing are significant considerations at the end of a marriage. Things like who gets the house, child custody, child support and visitation require decision-making; meanwhile, emotions are challenging to keep in check during these times.

It’s often required to push emotions aside and deal with financial and housing issues. With children involved, deciding who becomes the primary parent is hard. Divorce depends on a legal and final separation of assets with the potential for future payments like alimony and child support. A support system such as family, friends and counseling can help lessen the harmful effects of divorce.

First things first

Discovering your spouse wants a divorce can be shocking. Thoughts about what to do can bombard you, and things get confusing quickly. Children need reassurance during divorce, and their safety is a priority. Using your support system to help prepare your children is a wise idea. Organization tools like journaling and things-to-do lists help keep your priorities straight.

Marriage is a business in many ways, and dividing assets and resources benefit from a clear head. Acting in your best interest and your children’s best interest is a great way to avoid emotional outbursts. A timeout is helpful and provides an outlet for expressing your feelings.

Next steps in your divorce process

Once you have settled on the primary things like children, housing and finances, now is the best time to gather documentation to support your side of the divorce. Marital dissolution is contentious, and professionals handle most of the legalities. It’s best to understand your combined assets and liabilities so that you can see your financial future.