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Divorce surprises to think about

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Divorce

Not all marriages remain stable, and many factors could create troubling friction that leads to divorce. Some events might be entirely unexpected, such as financial catastrophes that create unbearable stress in the household. California spouses may head to divorce court, but even when engaged in an amicable divorce, troubling surprises and shocks might prove anxious and disruptive.

Divorce shocks and woes

Among the biggest surprises suffered during and after divorce proceedings are ones involving financial shocks. Divorce may prove expensive far beyond court costs for many people. Spouses who lived in households with combined incomes for years may not realize how expensive life becomes when switching to a single income.

Additional responsibilities may arise that involve protecting one’s financial and personal well-being. Taking steps to cover insurance, auto loans, and other obligations might fall on the shoulders of an inexperienced person. Learning about addressing these things sooner rather than later may be advisable.

Taking steps to come out of the divorce with the best financial settlement possible might be worthwhile. Receiving an appropriate amount of alimony could address costs while giving spouses enough time to learn how to handle newfound responsibilities.

Concerns with the children

Both spouses may agree to a child custody and support arrangement, including a detailed parenting plan. Unfortunately, assumptions that a child will adapt to the new custody situation might be premature. Several things could be challenging for young persons living in two dissimilar households. The stress the young ones experience may make post-divorce life difficult for both spouses, so parents may find themselves trying to work things out with their children.

Again, proper preparation for such things may help. Perhaps working with a divorce counselor is advisable.