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Financial arguments are often a divorce predictor in California

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Divorce

Financial arguments are the second leading cause of divorces in California, coming in right after infidelity. When there is any conflict surrounding money in your marriage, couples will always find themselves at a great level of stress that ends up tearing them apart. Here are some of the ways money contributes to your chances of divorce.

1. Having different views regarding money

Couples that aren’t on the same page concerning spending, saving, or investing are likely to end up in a divorce. This is because such disagreements often lead to fights that weaken the bond in marriage. For instance, if one partner saves almost every penny after putting in long hours of work while the other partner spends without thought, tension is bound to occur.

2. Having different financial goals

While people are different and have different desires, when you marry someone, you should at least have similar goals or find a way to achieve your different goals without affecting the visions of the other partner. For instance, if your goal is to buy a home or a car while your partner’s goal is to travel to exotic places, it would be hard to work together.

3. Financial infidelity

Not being open about your finances to your partner can be devastating to your marriage. For example, making hidden purchases, having undisclosed debts, secret bank accounts, or gambling addiction can take a toll on trust and honesty between you and your partner. It is also a good indication that you have communication issues in your marriage that you need to work on.

4. Mine, yours, and ours

When you are both working, it is a common occurrence to split the bills or divide them in a fair and equitable manner. Whatever remains after that is done is free for you to use as you wish. This sounds like a good plan, but it can build resentment over time in your marriage, especially if one spouse has more spending power or when it makes it hard to build on your long-term financial goals.

From this list, you can see that almost all financial disagreements are brought about by poor communication, dishonesty, and lack of trust between partners. If you can take a moment to have a rational discussion about money and your marriage goals, you will greatly reduce your chances of divorce.