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What can a domestic violence restraining order do?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Blog, Domestic Violence

If you reside in California and have been involved in a domestic violence incident where someone abused or threatened to abuse you, it may be advisable to seek help from the court. The court may issue a restraining order against the abuser.

Types of restraining orders

It’s important to know the type of restraining order to ask for. One of the four following options can be done by getting a court order:

  • Permanent restraining order
  • Temporary restraining order
  • Criminal protective order
  • Emergency protective order

Understanding the benefits of a restraining order and what it can do

If the court issues a restraining order against another person, they can’t legally contact you or go near your immediate family. They must keep away from the areas where you or family members might be present such as your workplace, your home or the school your children attend. This restriction means a spouse or partner will need to move out of your house if you live together.

The restrained person cannot have a gun, must stay away from pets and must pay certain bills and obligations like child support. They are also restricted in making any changes to insurance policies, doing anything significant with the property you both own or incurring any large expenses that will affect your joint property.

Completing a 52-week batterer intervention program is required by the person receiving the restraining order. They can’t return or release certain property and must transfer the rights of your cellphone account and number to you.

Protecting yourself and your family when you are caught in the middle of a domestic violence situation is essential for your health and welfare. Obtaining a court order may help you avoid any further violence.