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Should a divorced parent forgive an ex-spouse?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Divorce

Even when a divorce moves through the California legal system with few difficulties, the effects on both parties’ personal lives might be immense. Neither might like one another very much, as the problems that caused the divorce could linger. Ex-spouses may need to realize others could suffer even when both move on with their lives. The “others” might be the children who wish to maintain a positive relationship with both parents. For some, forgiving an ex-spouse becomes necessary to support their children’s positive development.

Forgiveness and an ex-spouse

The circumstances that led to the divorce may involve cruelty or infidelity. Such reasons leave angry feelings, but one ex-spouse might find it better to be cordial with the other. Children watch how their parents behave with one another, and any disharmony might hurt them psychologically. Forgiving an ex-partner might be a challenge, but holding onto a grudge or displaying angry feelings might not improve the situation. Instead, things may become worse if a child’s behavior worsens.

Forgiving an ex-spouse might not require a “big production.” Merely behaving like an adult and not being petty could go a long way. At the very least, mature behavior may not add any fuel to problems the child faces.

Perhaps forgiving an ex-spouse might lead to feeling less angry about the divorce. Letting go of negative emotions could have upsides.

Caring for the kids

Even though the more mature ex-spouse may embrace forgiveness, the other former partner could remain hostile. Controlling how another person behaves isn’t always possible, but guiding one’s actions usually is. Thinking about the effects of divorce on a child might keep the one parent’s attitude on the right track.

If the other spouse’s vindictive or abusive attitude impacts the child, it might be necessary to modify visitation plans. Allowing the other spouse to negatively harm a parent-child relationship could lead to serious problems.