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How do a parent’s living accommodations affect custody?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Blog, Child Custody

If you’re going through the divorce process in California, you and your estranged spouse might be working to establish a custody arrangement. During this time, a judge can look at a wide range of factors when deciding on custody and visitation-related matters. Here are a few ways that your living accommodations could affect child custody.

How many other children live with you

A judge will need to consider how many other children are in your home. If you have a spacious home, your child might have plenty of room for themselves. However, some homes might be too crowded if there are multiple children sharing rooms. A judge will also look at if your child has good relationships with the other children in your home.

The age of a parent

When making determinations about child custody, a parent’s age is another factor to consider. Sometimes, a child’s custodial parents will be their grandparents. In these situations, a judge considers the age and overall health of older adults wanting to care for children.

Your location

Other factors related to living accommodations are the location of your home and how long it’s been in your name. The judge wants to see that your living situation is stable. A judge also wants to know how far away you live from your child’s other parent.

The type of home you live in

It’s also possible for a judge to factor in the types of homes each child’s parents live in. If one parent lives out of a car and the other one lives in a mansion, the judge might understandably infer that a child would be safer with the latter parent.