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Modern marriages and shifting gender roles

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2019 | Divorce

Traditional marital roles have been changing in the United States over the past several decades. While most modern husbands are OK with their wives having careers outside of the home, there may be some complications surrounding this issue. According to a study conducted in Sweden, a wife who experiences a sudden boost in her career may be more likely to face an unwanted divorce. It seems as though husbands and wives who change from traditional gender roles to gender-equal roles tend to experience rockier marriages.

The problem centers on the reality of a wife who no longer has time to cook dinner, wash the dishes, mop the floors and take care of the children. In a traditional marriage, the wife stays at home and the husband earns a living. In a gender-equal marriage, a wife earns the same, or even more, money than her husband. In this situation, the husband might not wish to perform household duties while his wife is at work. Husbands have traditionally looked at their careers with pride. When a wife suddenly has a career as a professional, the husband may feel weak and inferior.

Some husbands in this situation go so far as to imagine they are being physically threatened. They respond by becoming more controlling. Some husbands may falsely presume that their wives are having adulterous relationships or planning to take complete control over the household finances. Uncertainty, suspicion and stress often leads to the end of a marriage.

In a situation where divorce is the only remedy for relieving anxiety and discord, speaking with a divorce lawyer may help. Legal counsel could help alleviate fears and find solutions in regard to asset division, child custody and child support.