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Tips for resolving parenting plan disputes

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Your parenting plan is the outline that you will follow for when and how you parent. While some parenting agreements are comprehensive, others provide more flexibility. You must ensure that you are taking into account your ability to work with your ex when setting things up.

There are times when disputes about the agreement or specific situations might occur. You must determine how you are going to handle them. The child custody order can have helpful information.

Ways to resolve disputes

You may be able to resolve minor disputes by working with your ex. If you can’t get it done in this manner, using an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation might be necessary. Another option is to go back to court to have the judge rule on it.

Child’s best interests

You must think about your child’s best interests when you are trying to come up with a resolution. In many cases, being flexible can help. As your children get older and more mature, you might find that the current schedule for parenting time doesn’t work. This is when you need to consider a modification, as long as it is what’s best for the child.

Failing to follow the order

Sometimes, the disagreements are due to one parent failing to follow the court order. You might need to take legal action in these cases. Before you do so, see if there is a less contentious way to handle it. You might realize that there is a simple solution. The other parent’s reason for breaking the order should be considered, but ultimately, everyone involved must follow the order. Serious violations require immediate action, so be sure to let the court know what’s going on.

Issues with the parenting plan can be frustrating. Try to keep yourself calm if you are facing this type of situation. Your behavior might help you to diffuse a contentious situation. Even if it doesn’t help right away, your children can use your reaction as an example of appropriate behavior in the face of a challenge.