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4 tips to help you get alimony

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

With alimony, your goal may be to obtain an income that helps support you while you go back to school or build up your work experience. Alimony helps smooth the gap between your marital income and your income on your own, but it won’t ever create equal circumstances.

Alimony has many benefits, and it can help you balance your work, home life and finances. Here are four things you can do to make sure you have the best chance of obtaining it.

1. Get proof of income

The first thing that can help you obtain alimony is proof of your income and your spouse’s income. If there is a large gap between the two incomes, this shows a judge how significantly one person may be impacted by divorce. For instance, if you have a yearly income of $45,000 and your spouse earns $150,000, that’s a large enough discrepancy that the court could consider alimony to assist you during a transition from married to single life.

2. Show how your living conditions will change

Another thing to do is to show how your living conditions will change. You may be able to show this best by proving the difference in income and showing how it affects where you can live or what you can do. For example, if the divorce means you have to give up hobbies or live in a dangerous area with low rental prices, then this will give the court a good idea about how much alimony could help you.

3. Explain why you can’t work or obtain sufficient work

Another thing you may need to do is to show why you aren’t able to get sufficient work to support yourself. You may be able to show that you had to take time off out of your industry to raise a family or that your education is behind due to supporting your spouse. Whatever you do, showing the reason why you need support due to your own work-related circumstances is important.

4. Don’t bring another person into a relationship just yet

Finally, don’t bring another person into a relationship with you yet. If you do, the judge may believe that you’re receiving support in ways that you have not disclosed. Living with another person, relying on them to provide you with support or even considering remarriage will hurt your chances of obtaining alimony.

These are four things you should do if you want to get alimony. These tips will help give you your best chance at obtaining it.