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Raising children after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is never easy on a family in California. However, kids can bounce back from a separation when parents are perceptive to their needs. Since divorcing parents are also struggling with their life-changing circumstances, they might look to some specific tips to help them focus on raising their children.

Maintaining family routines such as bedtimes can give kids a sense of control in situations that might sometimes seem out of control. Consistency is also helpful when it comes to kids’ behaviors and discipline. Despite the difficult transition, children should understand that there are distinct consequences for misbehaving. Even if it is difficult to be supportive of an ex-spouse, it is much better for the children when parents follow the same rules and are consistent with boundaries.

When divorce occurs, it is best for parents to reassure the children that both mom and dad love them and that the breakup is not the fault of the kids. Parents also need to be open with their children and be prepared to answer questions. However, parents should be careful that the kids do not feel they must side with one parent over the other. Children need to be encouraged to maintain relationships with both parents; this includes enjoying quality parenting time with both exes.

Divorce is difficult, but all family members can achieve peace and eventually move on with their lives. As children get older and other circumstances change, it may be necessary to alter some of the agreements made at the time of the divorce. An attorney who understands divorce laws might be able to help parents with post-divorce modifications that can satisfy everyone.