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4 ways a marriage can quickly come to a close

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

There are many reasons why people divorce and each case is different. Nevertheless, there are certain scenarios that divorce lawyers in California see again and again. Although the following divorce scenarios are fictional, you may find yourself identifying with one or more of them.

The cheating spouse who finally got caught: Spouse A and B have had a long-standing relationship of trust. In fact, they trusted one another so much that when Spouse B began staying late at work — sometimes until 10 or 11 p.m. — Spouse A didn’t suspect a thing. Until one day, a friend told Spouse A everything. Spouse B had been spending time with another person sexually during those hours and was having an affair. Infidelity like this is a common way for spouses to lose trust for one another and it often results in the end of the marriage.

Losing commitment for the relationship: Whether it’s a result of work-related stresses or money-related stresses, or just a loss of love for the other spouse, when one spouse stops putting energy into the relationship, the other spouse can feel as if the relationship has ended. Imagine two spouses who used to work through their differences through constructive communication, but now one spouse just doesn’t care to put in the time anymore. This lack of commitment could lead to divorce.

Financial challenges: Spouse A and B always had excellent jobs and were generating sizable incomes. However, one day, Spouse A loses his job. Suddenly, the bills are piling up as the credit card debt skyrockets. Although both spouses love one another, resentment and stress grow to the tipping point. Ultimately, the fighting and toxic emotions result in divorce.

Alcoholism and substance abuse: Whether it’s alcohol or drug abuse, an addiction can wreak havoc on a marriage in countless ways — including all of the above. An addiction problem can lead to overspending and money problems, and it can lead to the addict losing his or her job. It can lead to a loss of commitment to the relationship and it can also lead to the spouses fighting with one another.

If your marriage is on the rocks for one of the reasons above, it’s important to evaluate the situation to find a solution through counseling and deep conversations between the spouses. If no solution can be found, then a diplomatic divorce could be the best choice to find happiness again.