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What to do when divorce is the next step

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Divorce

California residents who have made the decision to file for divorce at the beginning of the year may have a lot of work ahead of them. In addition to seeking well-meaning advice from family and friends, there are some things that experts recommend spouses that do before beginning the separation process.

Even before the divorce begins, setting up a support system that includes outlets for self-care is important. Self-care can come in the form of therapy, going to the gym or even setting up some alone time to be creative. Soon-to-be exes should also set up specific goals for the future, both during and after the divorce. Focusing on the fact that life goes on after a marriage ends is a good motivator to stay positive. Because of the turmoil the process brings, some spouses may take to the internet to air their frustrations. Since everything posted can be used as evidence during a divorce, it’s best to simply avoid social media.

Preparing for the divorce should also include learning about the legal process and reading about the necessary local legislation. This will help parties make informed decisions. Since divorce often includes negotiations for division of property, gathering financial documents before the beginning of the process is also recommended. These can be used to estimate what the divorce settlement and any child support amounts might be.

As part of the preparation, a spouse can also meet with a lawyer who can further explain the steps of the process. An attorney could the help a client plan and make decisions that will affect their post-divorce life.