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Where young people are most likely to get divorced

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Divorce

There are many variables that could increase a California resident’s risk for getting divorced. Choosing the wrong mate or working in a certain profession could make it more likely that a marriage will end. Where a person lives may also play a role in how success a marriage may be. Arkansas has the highest rate of divorce for those under the age of 30 at 20 percent.

Alabama was another state that was among the top-five for highest divorce rates for those under 30. That state had a divorce rate of 15.5 percent. Idaho, Oklahoma and West Virginia round out the top five according to PUMS data collected by the American Community Survey. New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts were among the states where someone under the age of 30 was least likely to get divorced.

Those states had divorce rates of 4.97, 5.34 and 5.5 percent respectively. Connecticut and Pennsylvania were also among the five states where young people were likely to succeed in their marriages. Whether a marriage lasts until a couple reaches their 30s, there is still a roughly 50 percent chance that they will get divorced at some point. A key takeaway from such information is that it may be best to wait for marriage until a person finds a suitable partner.

A divorce may bring out a variety of emotions in an individual. For instance, it may be possible to experience anger, frustration or sadness that may impact a person’s judgment. By having the assistance of an attorney, it may be possible to develop a strategy that increases the odds of getting a favorable outcome in a divorce case. Legal counsel may be able to help acquire paperwork, gather statements or get other information that may give a person leverage during settlement talks.