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Child support a common cause of wage garnishments

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Child Support

California parents who have fallen behind on child support face the possibility of having their wages garnished. According to a study released by ADP Research Institute, one out of every 14 workers is currently having their wages garnished for various reasons, child support among them. This may cause stress for employees as well as cause compliance issues for employers. The study looked at 2016 payroll information for 12 million American workers.

Researchers studied a variety of garnishments including those related to child support, bankruptcy and tax levies. Child support was the most common cause of wage garnishment accounting for 3 percent of all orders. Those who work for smaller companies were more likely than others to have their wages garnished because they owed back child support payments.

Of those who are having their wages garnished, 71 percent are men, and those are mostly due to child support payments. Workers between the ages of 35 and 54 accounted for 62 percent of all wage garnishments in the United States. Those in the Midwest have an average of 1.49 garnishments with the national average coming in at 1.4. In most cases, wages are garnished because of a court order until an outstanding debt has been repaid.

Parents who are struggling with their child support payments may wish to seek a child support modification order. Such an order may make it possible to reduce monthly payments and make it easier to pay them on time. A modification may be granted if a parent experiences a reduction in income or other financial hardships. An attorney can often provide advocacy in such a situation.