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September 2017 Archives

Financial mistakes to avoid in a divorce

California couples who get a divorce must go through a process of property division. As they are doing so, it is important that they accurately assess the value of their marital property. This means looking at the cost of taxes and maintenance along with the value of each asset.

Later-in-life divorce on the rise

Technology has changed lifestyles and life spans. As Americans continue to live longer and longer, our personal lives take a new trajectory. One noted change in the past half-century is the rise in divorce for those over the age of 50.

Tax changes after a divorce

When California couples get a divorce, their taxes will change including a shift from filing as married to filing as single or head of household. If the divorce happened at any time during the year including the last day of the year, then they are no longer considered married during that year for tax purposes. An annulment means that it will be necessary to file amended returns since the couple will no longer be considered to have been married in those years.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna reach custody agreement

Ohio parents going through a child custody or child support dispute may be interested to learn that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna came to an agreement regarding the custody of their 1-year-old daughter. Although the two will share custody of their child, it was reported that Kardashian will be paying $240,000 every year in child support.

The link between disasters and domestic violence

After a disaster such as Hurricane Harvey, victims of domestic violence may be more at risk. The risk of domestic violence may increase after a disaster in California or elsewhere because of the stress it places on people. Stress is generally the result of injuries or seeing others die, and it may also be caused by a lack of access to basic needs like food, water or adequate housing.

Handling retirement accounts during a divorce

California residents may be understandably concerned about the state of their retirement savings in the event of a divorce. It can be immensely stressful to possibly lose much of the money they have spent years accumulating. However, careful preparation and foresight can go a long way toward minimizing some of the financial ramifications of divorce and help protect one's valuable retirement assets.

Celebrity breakups illustrate child support battles

Most breakups of California couples will not produce headlines about lavish lifestyles and child support payments reaching into the five figures. The demands of celebrity parents, their divorce settlements and court rulings, however, reveal the role that income plays in the determination of child support payments.

Providing stability for children with divorced parents

Even after a former California couple with young children settles their divorce, they may find themselves still having to have some sort of relationship with each other while they raise the children. One of the major arguments that many have is what rules for their kids they will be implementing at home. However, if those house rules are different, the children can have a hard time adjusting.

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