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Blac Chyna paying child support a possibility

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Child Support

California is home to many celebrities, and their relationships and breakups bring real-world matters of child custody and child support into the headlines. Reports indicate that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna could be on the verge of reaching a custody agreement for their 9-month-old daughter. As for child support, the incomes of the former romantic partners support the speculation that Chyna might need to pay child support to Kardashian.

Currently, the young daughter lives most of the time with her father. His apparent custodial role coupled with reports that Chyna has the higher income could mean that if he filed for child support, the law could support his claim. According to reports, Chyna has been gaining lucrative work with public appearances and hosting jobs. Kardashian appears rarely on his family’s reality television show and does not appear to have many sources of revenue. The reality show that he had planned with Chyna dissolved along with their relationship.

Their romance had developed rapidly in 2016 and resulted in an engagement and birth of their daughter. They eventually split and have not been on good terms. Kardashian, after learning that Chyna had a new love interest, shared nude photos of her on social media.

Tension between former partners sometimes spills over into legal matters and makes reaching an agreement about child custody or support difficult. A person in need of guidance and insulation from emotional encounters may want to have an attorney petition a family court to achieve goals such as determining child support.

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