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Fathers in America

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Child Custody

California fathers who reside with their children are being more involved in caring for them and are more helpful around the home. The number of fathers who are single or have chosen to remain the home while their spouse works has grown. However, the number of children who are growing up with no father in the household has grown as well.

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, the role of fathers in America has changed and has brought with it new challenges. The center has identified a number of trends in fatherhood. Like mothers, fathers view parenting as an important part of their identity. At 54 percent, many fathers are appreciative of how they benefit from parenthood. Forty-six percent of fathers state that their parenting is an enjoyable experience at all times.

Compared to fathers of earlier generations, current fathers participate much more in their children’s care. Fathers revealed that they spent a weekly average of seven hours on childcare in 2015, which is three times the amount of time fathers spent on child care in 1965. Fathers also reported allocating nine hours each week to complete chores around the home in 2015, while in 1965, fathers tended to spend only four hours on household chores. Even though fathers and their children may be spending more time together, many fathers believe that they still do not spend enough time. Only 39 percent of fathers believe that they are doing very well with the upbringing of their children.

A family law attorney may assist fathers with ensuring that their parental rights are protected when addressing certain child custody issues. These may include modifications to current child custody orders, relocation requests, and the enforcement of a child custody order.