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Stopping child support payments

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2017 | Child Support

Parents in California are responsible for ensuring that their children receive the financial support they are entitled to until they reach the age of majority. However, in situations in which there is a child support order in place, the receiving parent may request that the child support payments stop.

Circumstances in which parents may want to stop receiving child support payments can include instances in which the parents have gotten back together, eliminating the need for one parent to have to continue to make payments. If the financial situation of the parent who is receiving payment has improved, such as with new employment or a substantial inheritance, he or she may petition to have the payments stopped. There may also be a desire by the receiving parent to have the payments stopped if the other parent is experiencing financial difficulty.

A parent may request to stop receiving child support payments as long as he or she has a valid, legal reason. In order to make the request, it is necessary to go to the court that issued the current child support order, and speak with the county clerk to request the paperwork needed to stop the payments. After the paperwork is completed, it should be filed.

There are alternatives to stopping child support payments that do not require going to court. The receiving parent may opt to return the payments to the other parent while he or she is having financial difficulties.

A family law attorney may provide legal counsel regarding all matters of child support issues. Whether a client is receiving or making child support payments, an attorney may engage in litigation to resolve matters pertaining to delinquent payments or modifications to the current support order.