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Focusing on children during divorces

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Child Custody

Many California couples whose marriages are ending are concerned about how their children will deal with it, but they’re not sure how to make the process easier for their kids. Studies have shown that divorces can have lasting emotional effects on kids, but there are several ways that people can make the process smoother for kids. The parents should provide as much stability as possible for their children, and above all they should refrain from arguing in front of them.

One of the many issues that will be determined during a divorce is when the non-custodial parent will have visitation with children. However, until the process is complete, it may be up in the air which parent has custody, and a visitation plan is just as unknown. Until these matters are decided, putting in a temporary visitation plan will allow kids to know when they’ll be with which of their parents.

If at all possible, couples should work to have a mediated divorce. With a mediated divorce, couples aren’t beholden to a judge for determining things like spousal support and asset division. Instead, a couple can work together to come to arrangements that are most beneficial based on their situation. Mediated divorces tend to be less costly, and they are also generally less contentious, which makes the process easier for kids.

Issues related to child custody and visitation are normally ironed out during a divorce. However, just because someone was granted custody or a visitation plan was ordered by a judge, it doesn’t mean it can never be changed. People may petition the court system to allow them to request a change in custody or increase their visitation. A lawyer could explain the process and what situations may enable someone to successfully make these requests.