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Avoiding troubles during child custody exchanges

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Child Custody

Readers from California may be interested in learning more about what can be done to facilitate a smooth transfer during child custody exchanges. Many difficulties can arise during the exchange process due to lingering animosities amid the parties involved. Although it’s usually possible to work through them, some cases may require more detailed attention.

The child custody exchange process is often decided during the divorce itself. One of the purposes of visitation schedules is to determine the nature of physical custody, such as resolving where and how the child will pass from one parent to the other. However, agreeing to a satisfactory exchange process can be challenging in situations where the parties involved find it difficult to communicate with each another. Moreover, the exchange process itself can be emotionally charged, and there can be unwelcome repercussions if things ever turn hostile.

While the law does generally respect the visitation rights of both parents, these rights can be endangered if one of the parents is accused of causing distress during the exchange. In the most serious cases, there may be legal ramifications if the authorities have to be called out to help facilitate the transfer. If any such disturbance does occur, it’s important to carefully document what took place in order to keep a record and potentially take legal action should feelings of bitterness ever escalate.

In these circumstances, it’s advisable to talk things through with an attorney to decide on the best way to proceed. In some cases, the lawyer may review the child custody agreement to discern whether changes need to be made to better serve the best interests of the child. This can allow for more amicable relations and potentially even prevent unnecessary complications down the road.