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Robert Meachem reportedly owes almost $400K in child support

California NFL fans might be interested in learning that Robert Meachem, a former wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, may owe as much as $400,000 in back child support and alimony. Meachem helped the Saints to win a Super Bowl title.

According to reports, a family court judge in Jefferson Parish, La., issued a preliminary ruling on Nov. 28. Neither Meachem nor his attorney appeared for the hearing. The court scheduled a new hearing for Dec. 21. Meachem may object to the ruling in person or in writing prior to the hearing.

The court found that he owes $388,019 in child support and alimony arrears. He may face being held in contempt of court if he fails to pay that amount before the hearing. If he is found to be in contempt, he could be sent to jail. Meachem and his ex-wife divorced in 2014 after six years of marriage. They share two children. He was directed to pay $20,000 each month in support to his former wife. Meachem also allegedly failed to produce his manager for a deposition.

When a person is instructed to pay child support and alimony, it is important that they continue paying the amount ordered. If one fails to pay child support, they may face contempt proceedings with the possibility of jail time. If a person’s financial circumstances have changed substantially, they may file a motion to modify the support amount to reflect their financial circumstances. Even if the motion is granted, it will not be retroactive. This means that the person should continue paying the amount originally ordered until the court issues a ruling modifying the amount.

Source: The New Orleans Advocate, “Ex-Saint Robert Meachem said to owe nearly $400K in child support, alimony,” Ramon Vargas, Nov. 29, 2016

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