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Electronic access enhances child support processing

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2016 | Child Support

Child support issues can become serious matters for California parents whose payments have not been received. Some government agencies can help to manage child support collection, and funneling payments through a collections office has important benefits for both the payer and the recipient. However, the magnitude of the need for such management can impede efficiency. This need for efficiency is now being addressed on a national scale as an online portal goes through revisions needed to streamline processing.

A page will be available on the Office of Child Support Enforcement site. More than 200 businesses, including Home Depot Inc., already use this resource for managing electronic child support payments. In fact, issues such as reporting lump sums and terminations have been managed through the system for several years. However, the updated portal is expected to make the management of these issues easier for employers, which may translate into broader use of the system. The overseers of the program expect to promote the portal through online sources as well as during in-person presentations.

Child support issues can be challenging for a divorcing couple, especially if the divorce involves a great deal of tension. As child support amounts are determined, an individual owing support might benefit from electronic deductions as this would minimize the risk of missing a payment or falling behind. When going through life changes such as a new job or job loss, it would be important to ensure that payments continue. If one’s income changes significantly, it might be necessary to seek a legal modification of the support amount.

Some parents might not be required to participate in government management of their support payments. However, it would be important to retain receipts or other proof of payment in such cases to avoid accusations of nonpayment. A lawyer could provide insight about effective methods for proving that a payment has been issued.