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Co-parenting and rules for screen time

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | Child Custody

Divorced Californians with children know that successful co-parenting often depends on open communication and negotiation. Usually, the best way to co-parent is for both households to agree to maintain certain rules and routines. However, some parents might have disagreements over certain situations, such as how much time their children should spend in front of smartphones, computers or television screens.

If parents find themselves in this situation, they have three options. The first option is to sit down and discuss the situation calmly with the other parent and attempt to resolve it in a way that does not cause additional tension or goes against what is best for the child. After all, the child’s best interests are what the ccourts focus on when deciding on child custody.

If the parents are unable to resolve the situation, a second option is to take the matter to court and have a judge decide. However, this complicates matters since both parties will need to bring evidence to support their positions, and the court might interpret one parent’s actions as hostile or uncooperative towards the other parent. The third option is for the parent to accept the matter as is and remember that while the child is in their home, they can set the rules as they see fit.

If a parent chooses to pursue co-parenting matters in court, they might seek the guidance of a family law attorney. The lawyer might offer assistance in organizing a case and collecting evidence that shows that the parent is thinking of the child’s best interests when attempting to limit screen time.