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Sarah Palin’s son in domestic violence incident

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Physical abuse may be an issue for a California couple as it was for Sarah Palin’s 26-year-old son Track and his girlfriend in January. The incident occurred during a drunken argument between the two, and he was arrested that night. He has been in other alcohol-fueled fights, such as a brawl at a party in 2014 that left him with broken ribs.

Palin was arraigned on variety of Class A misdemeanor charges. He said they were having an argument about her ex-boyfriend. She said he kicked her in the knee, punched her in the eye and then cocked and held an assault rifle close to his head. He then threatened to shoot it. The woman ran and hid under a bed until police arrived.

She was found with a painfully bruised and swelling left eye as well as knee pain. He claimed that during the fight she hit him in the eye with her elbow. An unloaded assault rifle was found on the kitchen counter. The woman said that when she threatened to call police, he threw her cellphone across the driveway. His blood alcohol content was 0.189.

A person who has been the victim of physical abuse by a partner or family member may want to have the assistance of a family law attorney in filing a motion for a temporary restraining order. If the victim is married and chooses to leave the relationship, the attorney might also be of assistance in preparing and filing the divorce paperwork as well as filing a motion for a permanent protective order.

Source: New York Daily News, “Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s Son, Allegedly Battered Girlfriend, Waved Around AR-15 During Drunken Fight at Ex-Governor’s Wasilla Home”, Sasha Goldstein, Jan. 20, 2016