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Temporary financial arrangements in Master P divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Child Support

California fans of rapper Master P may be following his divorce from his wife, Sonya Miller. The divorce has been contentious. Miller has claimed that she had to go on government assistance and that her son has assisted Master P in concealing assets. The two married in 1989 and have nine children.

A judge has now told Master P that he must pay Miller $16,574 in spousal support and $10,473 in child support each month. He also has to pay $200,000 toward Miller’s attorney’s fees. The financial arrangement is temporary until the entire financial picture is assessed, and support will be adjusted at that time.

Master P had tried to make his wife leave their home, but she was given permission to remain there. Reportedly, he did not wish her to have other men visit.

Couples who are facing divorce may need to negotiate child custody and support even if their financial situation is not as complicated as that of Master P and Sonia Miller. Whether individuals are paying or receiving child support, they may wish to work with an attorney. In many cases, both the parents and children might benefit from mediation rather than litigation because it often leads to a better co-parenting relationship. More flexible agreements may also be possible. However, in other cases, litigation may be necessary. In litigation, a judge will use a formula that takes factors into account such as income and how the child will be splitting time between parents. The judge will also weigh the best interests of the child into decisions involving custody and visitation.

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