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Providing representation in child support disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2015 | Child Support

Child support is one of the most contentious issues that California family ccourts deal with. Thousands of parents each year struggle to enforce child support orders or initiate the modification process. Though the best interests of their children are often foremost in their minds, many people find it difficult to get the support they need.

You may be a parent seeking child support after your divorce or from the unmarried parent of your child. A major change in your professional life may have occurred, leaving you unemployed or earning less money and struggling to make ends meet with your current child support obligations. You may have learned that your child’s other parent recently got a better-paying job that would warrant a change in your child support order.

Our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience handling many different types of child support cases, from getting a support order after a divorce or the birth of a child or seeking a modification based on significant changes in parents’ or children’s circumstances. Because of the variety of clients we have represented in child support disputes, we have comprehensive knowledge of the calculation of child support payments, how to help parents concerned about their continued ability to make child support payments and other issues. We know how intimidating it can be to go to court alone and will advocate for your needs at every step of the way.

We are committed to protecting your children’s best interests and to reaching a fair solution to your child support dispute. For more detail on the legal and mediation services we provide to parents seeking child support modifications or enforcement, you may wish to review our page on child support payments.