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Man flees scene of domestic violence incident in California

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Domestic Violence

A man wanted for a domestic violence complaint managed to escape from his home in Prunedale during a police standoff on July 30. Police officers were called to the scene of the alleged domestic violence incident on Crazy Horse Canyon Road shortly after 4:50 a.m. The man’s wife had apparently dialed 911 after the 51-year-old man fired a shotgun into the air during a verbal and physical altercation.

While Monterey County sheriff’s deputies surrounded the man’s home, California Highway Patrol officers shut down the Crazy Horse Canyon Road exit on Highway 101. Over the next six hours, deputies held a standoff in which they attempted to convince the man to surrender himself.

Despite police presence outside of his home, the man was able to flee the area undetected. When deputies went inside, they discovered that the man had left, and the house was empty. The Monterey County Sheriff’s commander commented that the man was there, and then he wasn’t there. Authorities had failed to locate the man by 12:30 p.m. that day and were reportedly searching for him near San Juan Road. According to investigators, the man is not considered to be a threat to public safety.

If a domestic violence incident is brought up during a divorce trial, the accused spouse could potentially lose custody of their children. Disputing these allegations with a strong defense strategy will be necessary to retain custody and prevent possible future allegations of stalking. A family law attorney might be able to help a divorcing person who is being accused of domestic violence to establish their innocence and maintain their reputation.

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