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Planning for divorce in California may include support system

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The decision to file for divorce is a highly personal decision. One of the many difficulties that some people in California may experience is the fear of the unknown. While some people considering divorce may have been through the process in a prior marriage, the individual circumstances of the present may raise new issues to face in a divorce. For someone who has never been through divorce, how to proceed may seem murky.

Before a person files for divorce, commentators say that a person may benefit from seeking guidance from professionals who are familiar with the process. A therapist can help a person in dealing with many issues that he or she may face when a marriage is on the rocks. Even when a spouse refuses to consult a marriage counselor or other therapist, an individual may benefit from counseling.

Additionally, consulting with a family law attorney may be important for a person to understand how to avoid mistakes that can happen before divorce papers are filed — some early mistakes can have an adverse impact on rights when divorce papers are ultimately filed, especially related to property division.

People will often speak with friends and family about what to expect in a family court proceeding. This kind of communication may be beneficial, as the support of family and friends can be important. But, friends may not fully understand the legal issues that may be lurking underneath a decision.

Protecting rights in divorce may begin before papers are filed in court. A California divorce lawyer may advise a person about how to proceed and provide a person with representation in the divorce process.

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