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Former California assemblyman arrested for domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Domestic Violence

A former state assemblyman from Southern California has been arrested on domestic violence allegations. Few details about the most recent arrest against the man are included in a recent article. But, the same man was arrested in 2010 on domestic violence allegations after an argument was reported.

In that case, a witness had alleged that an argument turned physical. The former assemblyman, Chris Norby, and his wife denied that any physical confrontation occurred. He did say in 2010 that an argument erupted at the family’s home over who should pick up the kids. Prosecutors did not pursue the allegations in court, citing a lack of evidence.

In the most recent case, police are keeping mum on the basis of the arrest. The former assemblyman says that allegations presented by his wife to authorities are not true. He says that he is a victim in this case, according to the Orange County Register.

Often, allegations of a spat may lead to a police response and potential criminal charges against one person or another. Domestic abuse charges are not necessarily gender specific. In fact, domestic abuse allegations can occur in a same-sex relationship.

Domestic abuse issues may involve different avenues in California. Criminal charges are not the only area where domestic abuse allegations can be addressed in court. Domestic violence can have significant impact issues in the family court setting—such as a child custody dispute. California law presumes that it is not in the best interest of a child to allow a person who has abused the other parent of the child to have joint custody.

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