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Hillary Duff, mike Comrie to divorce amicably

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

A large number of stories on the Internet regarding family law issues seem to deal with those contentious battles that may arise during a divorce. But, in many divorces, the two people involved may not always have that many issues in dispute. The differences between the estranged spouses may not be that contentious.

Couples who divorce may split amicably. That does not always mean that issues still are not important. A fair settlement is still of great value in an amicable divorce. Some people use mediation as an alternative to litigating differences in a divorce.

News reports suggest that Hillary Duff and her husband of less than four years have separated and plan to divorce this year. The two were married in Southern California in August 2010. It is not clear what process the two may use to settle issues, if any while legally end their marriage. But sources say that the two plan to have an amicable divorce.

The couple has a child together, a 21-month-old boy. Any divorce involving children may have issues over child custody. However, in the amicable divorce between Ms. Duff and her estranged husband, mike Comrie, there does not appear that a custody battle will occur. Ms. Duff’s mother says that the two parents have already agreed to share joint custody of the child.

The high-profile couple may have other issues to work out. But, even in a high asset divorce, an amicable resolution may still be possible. Significantly, news accounts have previously indicated that the couple has a prenuptial in place, which may reduce the potential issues in settling other aspects of the divorce.

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