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Prenup, spousal support and custody issues in Eastwood divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | High Asset Divorce

Spousal support in a family law case in California may arise in different ways than many Bay Area residents may expect. Ccourts may order spousal support when a couple seeks a legal separation or divorce through the ccourts, or related to a domestic violence restraining order. Often, one person may seek spousal support while a divorce or separation case is still in court—an idea commonly referred to as temporary support.

Spousal support may involve a number of questions under California law. The issue s can be complex, and as a case proceeds, a dispute over support issues can grow deeper as the divorce nears the final judgment. Typically, spousal support (commonly called alimony) involves questions over earning capacity of the spouses and the standard of living during the marriage. How long a marriage has lasted can be a question as well in evaluating spousal support. But, prenuptial agreements may address these issues as well.

A prenuptial agreement may be an issue in the divorce proceedings involving Clint Eastwood and his estranged wife. Dina Eastwood filed divorce papers in October. Among the issues to be determined in the divorce are custody and support issues, including spousal support, according to Ms. Eastwood’s papers. She is asking the family court to award her full custody of the couple’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Mr. Eastwood has filed papers asking that the two parents share joint custody of their teenage daughter. As for the spousal support, Mr. Eastwood says that a prenuptial agreement addresses that issue and has asked the court to deny any spousal support in the divorce.

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