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First ex-wife includes second ex-wife in bid for child support

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Child Support

Celebrity divorces and separations, while unfortunate, also can be interesting to follow. Information about public figures is always newsworthy, and California residents often have a birds-eye view of the goings on in movie-land. When it comes to child support payments, the exorbitant incomes of celebrities usually translate into large claims to accommodate expensive lifestyles of children and ex-spouses.

A well-known Latin superstar is the father of two children with his first wife, whom he divorced in 2004. According to reports, she is now alleging that he has not paid the $13,000 per month child support payments put in place during their divorce proceedings. At the time, the now 45-year-old claimed he had money problems. The former beauty queen is seeking an increase in the monthly amount to $112,000, based on the man’s current alleged income of $1.25 million per month.

The interesting twist to her claims is her assertion that one week after her divorce was final, her ex-husband married his second wife, and gave her an 8.5-carat ring worth between $4 million and $8 million. The man’s second marriage has also ended in divorce. In her claim for child support modification, the first wife cites the treatment of the star’s second wife and children as a basis for determining revised support payments.

According to his lawyer, the singer has paid all of the children’s day-to-day and medical expenses in addition to the support money. It is expected that he will argue his position in court.

Not too many people facing child support issues would find themselves in a situation like this one. Nonetheless, it is important to work out what is in the best interest of the couple’s children. This can be done with a thorough understanding of the child support guidelines in place and the capabilities of the parents, no matter what income level applies to the family.

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