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Communication is key in both marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | High Asset Divorce

What causes a couple to file for divorce? A common response might be infidelity, whether financial or sexual. Another response in this day-and-age may be technology: the Internet, the cellphone or even the television. Speaking of technology, a lifestyle website took a poll of mental health professionals to see what their response was.

According to 100 responses to’s poll, 65 percent of the professionals felt that it was poor communication that was the number one factor in divorce. An inability to resolve conflict came in second place, with 43 percent of the responses.

When probed a little further, the mental health professionals said that men’s and women’s idea of poor communication differed. Experts responded with an overwhelming 83 percent that women felt that their husband didn’t “validate their opinions or feelings” a sufficient amount of the time. For men, it was nagging or complaining, said 70 percent of the professionals.

Guess where there is one more time in which communication is important? That is in a divorce. If a couple is already having trouble communicating effectively with one another, an attorney can help facilitate the conversation. An Oakland divorce attorney also understands how to vocalize a supportive argument in negotiations and in court.

Communication from the client is important as well. If a spouse can honestly think about what is important to them, what they want in terms of property division, child custody or spousal support, then they can effectively communicate what they want out of their divorce. Attorneys can tailor their assistance to fit the needs of the client.

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