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Outside experts may help resolve issues in a California divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | High Asset Divorce

Many stories that make the news in the area of family law tend to focus on the disputes that may be involved in a divorce. Even in fairly amicable divorces there may be an issue where the parties cannot seem to find common ground. In more highly contested divorces, the issues can be complex.

One avenue that many California divorce lawyers may seek to travel to resolve disputes involves the use of outside professionals in a particular field relevant to the dispute. In early September we discussed how a forensic accountant may be able to trace potential hidden assets of a spouse. But, there are many different issues where an evaluator may be beneficial in an appropriate case.

A small business owner may need to consult with a person with appropriate credentials in arriving at a proper valuation of the business. Similarly, a business valuation lawyer can assist in helping a person in determining the extent of a business that may be considered community property during a California divorce. In a property dispute, a real estate professional may qualify as an expert to help evaluate the value of a family home or vacation property.

There are many other areas where independent evaluators may be useful in resolving a dispute or in presenting evidence in court. Take for instance spousal support issues. An income or vocational expert may be able to provide an evaluation of a spouse’s ability to work and generate income in a spousal support dispute.

Psychologists or child custody evaluators may be beneficial in resolving child custody and visitation issues in appropriate situations.

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