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Adrian Peterson asks for child visitation order enforcement

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2013 | Child Custody

Child support, custody and visitation issues can arise at nearly any time in family court. Divorced parents may return to family court to modify a support or custody order based upon a substantial change of circumstances. Parents may also need to return to court to enforce a prior family court order.

The enforcement issue is one that a professional football player is facing, but some gossip columns may not have been fair to the facts, according to CBS Sports. Football fans in the Bay area may be aware of the tragic death of one of Adrian Peterson’s children. The football MVP reportedly had only learned of the child recently. But, the news that child had been beaten to death by someone other than the football star opened up inquiries in the media concerning a different child.

Some reports suggested that the running back was in arrears on child support for his 4-year-old. However, CBS news says that is not true. In fact court records show that the football player has made all of his support payments and more. He also sought a court order seeking to enforce his visitation and custody arrangement.

Court papers say Peterson had been denied his visitation rights under the previous court orders, according to CBS. The court records say that the mother of the 4-year-old child asked for an extra stipend from the football player for him to see the child on a weekend when he was legally entitled to visitation rights on at least one occasion. The football player has been granted a modified custody arrangement during the off-season after he sought to enforce his visitation rights, according to CBS.

The family court essentially retains jurisdiction over child support, custody and visitation issues. California parents who have been denied visitation rights or are facing other issues related to the child may be able to return to court to enforce or modify an existing family court order.

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