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Tutera and Jurica to split child custody in California divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Child Custody

A great number of stories have graced the media pages concerning same-sex marriages in the past year or so. The public debate continues over same-sex marriage issues in many parts of the country as states struggle with how the issue should be resolved under family law principles. Amid the public debate over same-sex marriage, “My Fair Wedding” star David Tutera and his husband Ryan Jurica were heading to family court in Los Angeles to end their domestic partnership in court.

Tutera filed for divorce in April, according to People magazine. He and Jurica had been married in Vermont in 2003. At the time that the marriage was breaking down, the couple had already decided to have children. In fact, when the couple originally split up on New Year’s Day of this year, the two were expecting twins through a surrogate.

Tutera originally filed for sole custody of the twins when he filed for divorce in California in April. However, news broke this month that Tutera and Jurica have agreed to a child custody arrangement where Tutera will have custody of his biological daughter, while Jurica will have custody of his biological son. Each partner had used artificial insemination in the surrogacy agreement.

Family law issues are highly dependent upon the individual facts that may exist in a single case. Each household structure may have its own unique facts. While California family law has general principles in how issues may be handled, it is important to note that each case may have its own nuances.

Some divorce proceedings involve minor children, but many others do not. Addressing any and all of the appropriate issues in an individual divorce is vital in seeking a fair resolution in California family court.

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